Grand Forest Metsovo - Metsovo, Greece

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Grand Forest Metsovo – member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World – with its 5-star services, invites visitors to discover its authentic hospitality along with the natural and cultural wealth of Metsovo, using all of their senses!

Metsovo is ideal to visit all seasons round and enjoy the diversity of its landscape.

The Pindos Mountains and surrounding forests have something unique to show every season, in colors and experiences. The water springs and trees offer a refreshing breeze to cool down, in the summer months. During winter, the same landscapes are covered in white, offering outlets of adventure and fun!

Seasonality affects local produce and thus Metsovo cuisine and flavours. In late summer it is the season to harvest the vines, while the hunting of truffles, depending on the variety, takes place all year long.

Enjoy the diversity of each season using all five senses, in the Grand Forest Metsovo.

Grand Forest Metsovo is the ideal excursion destination in Metsovo. Warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation, throughout the year, at the most famous mountain destination of Greece!

Nestled on top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful town of Metsovo, Grand Forest Metsovo is the ultimate getaway. It is located at the foot of the National Park of Pindos (Valia Calda), in the heart of a dense black pine forest, offering stunning panoramic views.

The restaurant “Metsovo 1350m.” with its traditional local cuisine of Epirus and “Lobby cafe”, are distinct options, both for guests and external visitors. The minimalist mood of the atmosphere and the beauty of the landscape pleasantly intrigue the five senses.

The 62 suites of the Grand Forest Metsovo are fully equipped and designed in a modern and friendly style. A series of pampering services and benefits are available to guests to choose from during their stay.

The treatments of Germaine de Capuccini, in Fontus Spa, the swimming pools and the gym offer moments of wellness and rejuvenation, in facilities that compose the experience of staying at a five star hotel.

The interior design and architecture of the lobby attracts the attention of visitors. Large windows with uninterrupted views to nature, large fireplaces and elegant furnishings dominate the space. Each moment and image is special whether winter or summer.

A variety of seasonal activities and cultural events will constantly fill your daily schedule.

Visitors, depending on the season they visit and their personal interests, have a variety of activities to enrich their stay in Metsovo. They can choose from trips to the surrounding villages, visits to churches, monasteries and museums, to adventurous treks in the dense forests of Pindos. The cultural heritage sites in the region are inexhaustible, and the natural landscapes unique.

Flavours and gastronomy are core elements for jogging a destination in a visitor’s memory. Metsovo is one of the most mountainous vineyards of Europe, producing one of the most famous wine labels of the country, “Katogi Averoff”. Close-by, the visitor will also find the creamery of Tositsa Foundation. It is one of the largest in the area, with long history, offering a large and wide selection of fine cheese to taste (Metsovone, Metsovitiko Chevre and Parmesan etc.)

A unique experience is wild truffle hunting, which is the search of a rare underground mushroom.

The lake of Metsovo, Pindos National Park and the three ski resorts in the area with their walking paths, offer moments of adventure for the most extreme and adventurous guests.

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