Hotel Overview

Luxury Villa in Velingrad
(presented only to one group of guests)

Direct sunlight, greenery everywhere, food variety, hot and cold drinks, a swimming-pool and a hot tub with hot mineral water. No, this is not only the garden of Villa Vuchev in Velingrad, but it is also a workplace – your workplace or of your employees and colleagues. This is VILLA VUCHEV – HOME OFFICE. An innovative home office solution that blends in harmony wonderful working and leisure conditions.

A workplace that makes people healthier

Between work sessions you will have direct access to walks in the nature and beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, to hot mineral water in the swimming-pool and the hot tub even in snowy days, to masseurs, high quality and selected organic food and beverages from the region and to a discreet staff at your service.

After a work week or a long weekend in Villa Vuchev, you and your colleagues will feel full of energy and ready to meet the challenges and the routine of everyday life.

The working environment offers:

– peace and quiet;

– fresh air and good sleep;

– two reserved high-speed internet sources from different providers  with real IP addresses;

– professional 24″ FHD monitors, mice, keyboards and headset in addition to your portable computers;

– printer, Xerox and scanner + supplies;

– wi-fi coverage throughout the villa, pool and yard;

– spare GSM chargers;

– LCD TVs in the common areas suitable for conference purposes and in each bedroom;

– a set of TV and monitor cables and connectors;

– unlimited amount of coffee, tea and homemade juices and ice cream;

– discreet service by qualified personnel