Premier Luxury Mountain Resort - Bansko, Bulgaria

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Price for double room per night including breakfast.

Welcome to the lavish world of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, a 5-star Hotel and the only member of Small Luxury Hotels member in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Get ready for an all year round magic trip to a world of hospitality enriched with activities suitable for nature lovers, families and sport aficionados.

Mount Pirin’s natural beauty, combined with Premier Luxury Mountain Resort’s impeccable facilities and welcoming ambience result in a retreat that elevates your vacation in Bansko, Bulgaria to a higher level of indulgence! Travelers can also experience Pirin National Park, the famous Unesco World Heritage site, which is just a breath away from the resort.

The atmosphere around Premier Luxury Mountain Resort varies depending on the season!

The warmth and coziness of wintertime turns into the blossoming freshness of spring; in its turn to the carefree joy of summertime and the romantic allure of autumn!

The indoor and outdoor premises of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort co exist in harmony and respect with the surroundings, honoring nature’s beauty.

Challenge yourself in seasonal activities, savor in delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients, or pamper yourself with luxurious beauty treatments; all in the loving atmosphere of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort.

Attention to detail, comfortable furnishing, stylish décor, luxury and elegance along with modern amenities are found in each and every one of the 22 different room and suite types of Premier Luxury Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Friends searching for the best accommodation to rest after an active day, families looking for a safe and sound room, honeymooners in pursuit of a romantic retreat, executives participating in a business meeting find in Premier Luxury Mountain Resort the ideal room or suite, tailor-made to their particular needs and wishes!

PREMIER rooms & Suites are divided in 4 unique categories, offering different room types, in-room amenities and service. Our rooms & suites are divided in Smart Collection, Executive Collection, Residence Collection and Premier Collection and offer the best of all accommodation worlds. Bansko is the place to be; make the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort your resort to be!

Le Spa of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria was made simply for your beauty and rejuvenation! Massages, beauty treatments and therapies performed by professional, licensed therapists;

leisure by the indoor swimming pool, working out at the gym and so much more elevate your mood and heal your body and spirit! Do not waste time; book an appointment for a massage or a sauna detox session and leave all else behind!

Two restaurants and a bar are the gastronomic havens in Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Whatever mood you may be in, the Dionysos and Amvrosia Restaurants will offer you such rich, fresh and delicious tastes that will delight your palate and leave all your senses exulted!

The Premier Luxury Mountain Resort restaurants will guide you on an unforgettable gastronomic trip around the world!

As for your aperitifs, cocktails, drinks and beverages, the Nectar Bar is open and ready to indulge you with sips of liquid pleasure!

ummer in Bansko is delightful! The Mount Pirin’s forest is all green and lavish! In Premier Luxury Mountain Resort the doors are open and all the action is transferred outdoors!

The luscious fragrance of the trees and flowers, the refreshing crystal clear air, the sun beaming all over the resort!
Spent your summer holidays in Bansko and Premier Luxury Mountain Resort; relax by the swimming pool, enjoy the sweet summertime, savor the fresh fruit and vegetables at the restaurants and the bar; hike, ride, and explore Pirin National Park, the famous Unesco World Heritage site; make a fresh start and become a whole new you!!!

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